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Resolved! Asus Strix B650e-I, bluetooh adapter not found

Hi, my strix seems to have lost its bluetooth adapter, both Win and Linux  report no adapter found, was working fine I've tried everything, reinstall OS, flast latest bios, load optimized defaults,  disabling and enabling wifi and bluetooth in bios, ...

ffletchs by Level 10
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Bifurcation Explanation

I've a B650E-I and it isn't clear how bifurcation works. If both M.2 slots are full with gen4 nvmes and the PCIe x16 slot is full with the fastest GPU available, then am I getting reduced performance due to bifurcation? What causes the bifurcation? T...

BIOS v2413 is incompatible with processors with two CCD

@SAFEDISK  The v2413 BIOS caused great instability and even contaminated the previous version v2412 when I regressed to it. I also noticed slowness when loading the operating system with my XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE 2T. The following errors appeared (Q-Le...

ZenTimings_6000.png ONBOARD DEVICES CONFIG.jpeg ASM1061 CONFIG.jpeg PCIE LINK SPEED.jpeg

Resolved! X670E-I CPU RED LED (HIVE)

I have got a red Led problem on my Strix X670E-I 7950X3D combo it ran stable (for a AM5 system) for a several months with good uptime, but now not. 2214 bios. Any tips? The AIO was set to auto for dc/pwm mode, seems to tick over but dies on most boot...

No video output on X670E Plus Wifi

Hello,Since last year, I've had the motherboard X670E Plus Wifi, a graphics card Hellhound RX 7900 XTX, and a processor 7800X3D with which I built my personal PC, which has been working fine until today. I haven't made any recent changes, but today w...

etnnn by Level 7
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PC with Windows 11 Restarts After Shutdown

Problem description:The computer always restarts after shutdown. The only way to turn it off is to restart it and then turn it off again. The only setting I changed in BIOS is enabling EXPO System information:Operating system: Windows 11Motherboard: ...

Resolved! Asus Tuf Gaming x670e-plus wifi memory issues

Hi to all! I have a wierd issue regarding memory. I have two Sticks Corsair 2x16GB 5200mhz. Actually, running at 4800mhz in slot 2 and 4, as Manual says. BIOS running 1813 (the latest I think). The processor is a 7800X3D The issue is when I want to r...

Need help brand new build

Hi guysIn need of help, built plenty of computers in my time but this is the first one that i am unable to get into biosQuick spec rundownASUS B650-PLUSAMD RYZEN 5 7600XGSKILL RIPJAWS S5 - F5-5200J4040A16GX2-RS5KCOOLMASTER MWE-BRONZE 650WCRUCIAL P5 P...

skipppy by Level 7
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