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Asus roh extreme problem memory test

I built a new computer, processor 7950X3D, I installed a new bios version 1101 that I run EXPO, the system is stuck, memory test. I turn off EXPO, the system works great. I ask ASUS please to fix the BIOS and fix a memory problem. Please, pleaseA mot...

RogStrix B650E-E Gaming wifi Ram Problem

 I paired this mainboard with a Ryzen 9 7950x and 128 GB Ram DDR5 5600 Kingston cod: KF556C40BBK2-64I obviously checked first on the data sheet of the Asus site and the Ram is supported.The problem is that with two modules (2x32) leaving everything i...

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3DLands by Level 7
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ROG STRIX X670E-E problem with 4 dimm DDR5-6400

I buy 4 DIMM to get 128GB DDR5 at 6400, but only works with 2 DIMMs. If I put 4 dimm the system don’t boot and show me an error. I have to Disable D.O.C.P. To get and stable system but a get only 3600MHZ This a issue? The memory are 2x32GB 6400Mhz T...

Shamino Tool questions

7800x3D ASUS Crosshair Hero X670E I ran Shamino's OCTool and hit the 'get SP' button and got this: What is this telling me? I dont know why it thinks I have 2 CCXs since I am running a 7800x3D. Or does it think the IO die is CCX1?Where do I find OCV...

bwana by Level 10
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X670E Hero cannot set SOC

Go to Advanced->AMD OC->SOC and find default is auto trying to type in 1.25 but decimal is not accepted. hit delete  cannot type in auto and value remains zero How do I set SOC?

bwana by Level 10
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