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B650M-Plus Wifi - RTX4060 not detected on reboot

Level 7


Just built a new system and everything works fine apart from external gpu not being detected on a reboot. Integrated GPU works fine at all times.

Works fine from a cold boot, but restarting windows or a reboot from within bios throws the white light on the board and no display

CPU: AMD 7600X

GPU: MSI 4060 Ventus 8Gb

PSU: MSI 850W ATX3.0 (supplying to 1x24, 1x8 and 1x4 on mboard)

RAM 32Gb Corsair Vengeance in slots A2/B2

M2 Samsung 1Tb gen 4 in slot 1

So far I've tried:

Uninstalling GPU and drivers

Swapping to different pcie power connections from psu to gpu

Flashing bios to latest version (v 2413)

Removing cmos battery

Some light tinkering with the bios settings - ie setting GPU & M2 setting, and external GPU

I'm thinking I must be missing something in the bios, but not sure what