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B650E-F GAMING WIFI slow boot time with EXPO enabled

Level 7



CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7700

RAM: G.SKILL Flare X5 F5-5600J3636D32GX2-FX5

After enabling AMD EXPO profile PC boot time increases to 1.5 minutes till desktop loading. It takes approximately 1 minute till PC get POST (till then black screen). When EXPO is disabled PC boots normally in few seconds but the problem is that RAM is at 4800 MHz speed. At this moment motherboard has BIOS 1222. Is there any solution or I should wait till new BIOS fixes?


Level 8

It is possible to activate "Memory Context Restore" in the BIOS! In the AI tweaker section. Go to Ai Tweaker/Extreme Tweaker for DRAM timing control and scroll down quite a bit and you'll find the first option to restore memory context. If MCR is enabled, the boot time is shortened.

Thanks for suggestion but after enabling Memory Context Restore I get BSOD.

Level 7

Just updated BIOS to 1224 and problem still persists.

I had a similar problem on the B650E-E board and the solution I found was to change the memory context restore setting I was using. There are two MCR options in the BIOS, one in the AI tweaker section and one in the advanced options. You can try switching to the other depending on which one you are currently using. I'm not exactly sure what your motherboard bios looks like, but assuming it's mostly the same, go to the DRAM timing controls in Ai Tweaker/Extreme Tweaker and scroll down quite a bit and you'll find the first one there Option to restore storage context. The second can be found in the advanced options. First go to Advanced, then scroll down to AMD CBS, then General UMC Options and finally it's under Memory Features or some similar label, but once you're in General UMC Options it's not too hard to find the second MCR option. Disable the one you are currently using and enable the other one and see if that changes anything. On my board I had used that in the advanced options and my PC threw a BSOD in every BIOS immediately after 0821, but after toggling it works fine with the newer BIOS revisions (1222, 1223 and 1410).

Level 9

Turn on both MCR and Power Down

Level 7

After enabling MCR in Advanced Options I get BSOD again and after shut down no PC boot up at all. It stays at Q-LED red as CPU error or sometimes yellow as DRAM error. After resetting BIOS manually after some time I get PC booting again. I don't know what's the problem probably my memory modules are totally incompatible with this motherboard but then there is no sense of buying  memory with EXPO which ones are not listed in motherboard supported memory list.

Level 9

You need to turn on MCR and Power Down as same time, otherwise may get BSOD.

Super Moderator


Memory context restore, MRC and power down settings should only be applied after establishing stability with EXPO enabled. If the memory is unstable, disabling these options will retain the last successful memory train at POST. The conditions for which may not be altogether stable.

After enabling EXPO, use the Memtest86 utility within the UEFI and test the memory stability.

This particular kit does currently not appear to be on the motherboard QVL, either.




13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 14

Hello WoXx,

Have you tried using Auto, instead of EXPO.

Load default settings, F10 out of BIOS, boot into Windows and shutdown, clear CMOS.

Boot into BIOS, set drop-down menu to Auto. Type in Frequency 5600, FCLK 1866.667.

Type in VDD 1.3V and VDDQ 1.25V leave everything else in Auto.

Go to Memory tab, type in your Primary timings only 36-36-36-89 leave everything else in Auto

F10 Save, boot into Windows, see if that resolves your issue.