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B650E-F GAMING WIFI - RGB rainbow effect breaks if the number of LEDs is properly configured

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did somebody observe a similar effect with a B650E-F GAMING WIFI mainboard?

In my case, the rainbow effect is broken when I configure the correct number of LEDs for light strips/fans.

I've built myself a new PC and have been trying out the RGB functions a bit.
I realized that the rainbow effect is broken when I set the number of LEDs for my fans in Adressable Headers of the Armoury Crate software to the actual values.
I have different ARGB fans where the lighting effect run slightly asynchronously. My assumption for the cause of the asynchronicity is the different number of LEDs the fans have.
I have therefore properly configured the number of LEDs in the hope that the lighting effects will then be synchronized.
While, for example, static color gradients are only displayed correctly if I have configured the correct number of LEDs, the rainbow effect is broken if I do this.
The rainbow effect is fine with the default setting of 120 LEDs for each header.

These are my components:
The mainboard is a ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING WIFI.
The CPU cooler is a Alpenföhn Dolomit Premium that uses a Wing Boost 3 ARGB fan with 14 LEDs.
(connected to header 1 [ADD_GEN 2_1] on the mainboard)
The case cooler is a bequiet Light Wings fan with 20 LEDs.
(connected to header 2 [ADD_GEN 2_2] on the mainboard)


This is how the rainbow effect should look like and does with number of LEDs set to the default 120:



This is how the "rainbow" looks like, if the number of LEDs is set to the actual number of LEDs in the fan/lightstrip: