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B650E-F CPU dropping to 0.54GHz R7600, manual overclock frequency messed up after sleep in Windows

Level 7

Hey guys, Im having really weird issues with my new desktop. Components are Asus B650E-F, Ryzen 5 7600, 32GB 6000MHz Kingston Fury Beast DIMM DDR5 and GIGABYTE UD750GM, 750W. Bios and chipset updated, installed  Armoury crate, all drivers up to date.

In Bios, I only set Expo I and enabled PBO and curve optimizer -30 but what happens about weekly is that the cpu frequency suddenly falls to 0,54GHz and therefore PC gets slow. It seems it happen few minutes after the PC is waken up from Sleep, but sometimes just random. Attaching screenshots from HWInfo and Task Manager. This lasts sometimes seconds, but sometimes longer:



So my thougts were, ok, seems like there is some issue with low voltage/frequency when iddle, so lets set fix voltage and/or frequency. Unfortunately, setting SOC voltage to 1.13v with PBO enabled did not help:


When I turn off Boost frequency and set fix frequency in Bios to 5150 MHz or even to 4850 MHz with the voltage 1.13 or even Auto, PC boots fine, works fine, but only until I put it to sleep and then wake up, it gets messed up in Task Manager and showing 6.95 GHz. Its showing fine in Hwinfo, but for example on Youtube the video and sound is not synced..


Interesting is, that when I run Cinebench 23 with this 6.95GHz, I get really high results 19940 compared to standard 5.15GHz result of 14624. But PC is not working correctly of course.

I tried to install fresh new Windows and turn off Fast startup, ajdust power settings in Windows, but no effect. It seems that MB/CPU is somehow messed up then? Not really sure what else, any ideas or reasons why its messed up? Am I missing something during the manual overclock?


Level 9

7600 score of 19,9400 is not possible.  And 6.95 is not possible and reporting incorrectly.  For reference 8 core 7700x stock is around 19,500 and with OC memory, CO etc I get 20,600.

Sleep kills memory read speeds on wake (drops it to 5200 equivalent) so use hibernate instead.

Sure, its a fake result and Task manager is messed up, HWinfo is showing still 5.15GHz.

But the main thing is, my computer is not working correctly - its either dropping frequency and gets slow on regular setup or gets messed up when I manually overclock. So its either bad MB or CPU and I want to have fix this somehow..Probably by trying different processor first..

Does the system work with stock memory?  Does the system work with CO off?  You need to troubleshoot the setting causing your instability.