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B650E-E chipset temperature high and ethernet dropping out

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I've found a few posts about this problem but never seen an actual solution. 
My chipset is showing 72°C at idle, which seems high. I could try and fit a new thermal pad but worried this will invalidate my warranty and not sure this will even help. 

Still waiting for a reply from ASUS technical about this. 

Anyone know a solution, or do I need to get a new board? 
Any settings I can change in the BIOS?

EDIT - Also, my ethernet just randomly disabled itself. Had to restart and enable it again. What is going on with that? 


Level 8

My chipset temp sits at 59-63C normally but 72C is not beyond the limit. The Intel ethernet in rubbish, I ended up disabling it in the BIOS and use a USB 1Gb NIC which works fine. The Intel NIC has been known to have problems for a long time but ASUS keeps using them, must be cheap☹

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Ensure you're using the latest drivers and firmware are installed for the adapter. The NIC dropout issues were largely resolved in an update sometime ago. 

72C is on the high side, but well within spec. You'd need to check temperatures when loading up the PCH (file transfers, etc.)


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Level 8

Thanks for the replies. I'm using all the most up to date drivers and firmware. 
Asus technical asked me to run a game for half an hour and see if the temperature goes above 100°C, so I ran Alan Wake 2 for an hour and it only went up 2°C. They said this was good and it should be ok. 

I'm still tempted to fit an Artic TP-3 thermal pad as 72°C at idle still worries me and I don't want this new build to fail. 

Level 8

Just as a further update, I replaced the stock thermal pad with the Arctic TP-3 and the chipset temp is now sitting at around 55°C after 30mins. 

Can you tell me what thickness of thermal pad you used?

No problem, I should have said originally. I used 1.5mm, which is the thickest for TP-3. 

If using a different brand, go for 1.5mm at a minimum and maybe even 2mm if available.