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ASUS x870-x870e

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Hi all. I had to create a topic to hear your comments and thoughts on this matter..

I have seen many vendors and different companies that have already manufactured X870 boards for AMD 9000 series processors.

QUESTION Will there be 870 boards from ASUS? There is no information about this anywhere at all. I also wrote to technical support) which ignores such questions and does not answer them at all


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Hi @iskra 

They're coming...the X870 boards won't be available to coincide with the 9000 series launch and vendors are focusing on updating the existing X670 lineup. I would take an educated guess that the team probably doesn't want to show potential trade secrets this early if they intend to improve topology and certain features.

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thank you for your opinion.

I’m just building a computer for myself and I wanted to build it in white and have everything from ASUS (since I’m a fan)


and for this I am waiting for the x870 in the hope that there will be a white board with strong mosses of at least 100A and.

so how will I use AMD 9 9950x3d

but at the moment I can’t choose a board because if there was an x870 ... I would wait for it) but if it wasn’t there I wouldn’t wait) and now it’s not clear whether they will be there at all or not

I found a white board from ASUS, it’s Asus ROG STRIX X670E-A GAMING WIFI, but it also has 70A Mosslights) an example of how other black boards from Asus cost 110A


There will 100% be x870 boards, I can confirm this. The Hero was also shown as a prototype.

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If you have a photo? or a link where you can see the design of the x870 board? it may be that there will be no white board) and I'm waiting just like that)


this is a photo ) the answer is from the Acs themselves) and they don't know anything at all) I am shocked by such technical support who knows nothing)

and thank you for the answer



What i read online and on some forums people say early september for x870e and other mobos. Also some news report from computex 2024 mentioned early september.

Listen, don't you know? what color will the top board x870e be? since it is not necessary to use the white color.

I saw the board from MSI x870 ( white) but I want to assemble everything from ASUS


They will probably release hero, gene v2 and strix boards. Im not sure if they will release extreme this time. It will be like raptor lake refresh.

How is that shocking? Why would customer service know something about products yet to be released? They've yet to be unveiled yet...

The boards aren't set to be released any time soon from any vendor.

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