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Asus x670e MB Bios Settings Help plz

Level 7

I am having the black screen fans go 100 issue and can't be recovered without a reboot. Basically it's an issue with 4000 series cards created by a voltage drop in the power cable to these Nvidia cards that was built in as a safety measure due to people not installing them correctly. 

So as I'm waiting for a replacement cable I was doing some research and found the post as follows that could be a temp fix however I can't find these settings in our bios and am hoping someone can help me find them



I have been following the comments here for some time since I also had this issue since I completed the build mid-December, using a MSI 4090 Suprim X, ASUS Z790 Apex, Corsair 12VHPWR cable, HX1200i PSU, Windows 11 22H2. Firmwares are updated (the 4090 had the updated firmware already, I updated Intel ME as soon as I got the motherboard, and recently Realtek USB-Audio which is probably completely unrelated). When looking at the Event Viewer it seems like the PCI Express Root Port connected to the 4090 is the likely cause in my case.

After trying a lot of different solutions related to the GPU (pretty much all mentioned in this thread already), I started to look at the PCI Express settings. I tried disabling the PCI Express power management in Windows (and then also BIOS), as mentioned in another comment in this post. Thought that solved it, but a few days later I got a black screen with 100% fan speed. So I started to dig some more, to see if I could find and disable more PCI Express power-related settings.

In BIOS under Advanced -> Platform Misc Configuration there are multiple settings for PCI Express power-management, I disabled the main PCI Express Native Power Management as well as the "PCI Express Clock Gating" for "SA - PCI Express" (from what I have found this is a power-saving feature where it skips clock-cycles, this can cause instability for some devices). Later on I also disabled the other PCI Express power management settings: DMI ASPM, DMI Gen3 ASPM, PEG - ASPM, just to be sure.

I have not had any black screens for two weeks now where I previously got one at least once or twice a week. Hopefully it is completely fixed for me, but difficult to know for sure. As for the new BIOS, I updated this Friday and then set the same PCI Express settings. I have only been using the computer a bit since then, but no black screen yet."


Thanks in advance.