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Asus x670e-i gaming wi-fi - The audio output device disappears after reboot.

Level 7

Hi all.

I don’t have a completely standard configuration, so I in no way blame Asus for my problem, but maybe someone has encountered similar behavior and knows how to solve this problem:
I recently built a PC based on Asus x670e-i gaming wi-fi, the PC has 2 video cards - built into the CPU and discrete rx7700xt, an LG Ultrafine 5K monitor is connected to the built-in video card via Thunderbolt.
I cannot connect this monitor to a discrete video card for the simple reason that this monitor has neither HDMI nor DP ports, it is designed for Apple and, in principle, is not required to work with Windows, but in fact it works. (Special thanks to Asus for implementing the TB controller)
In order for games to be accelerated by a discrete video card, and not the built-in one, I enabled the Hybrid Graphics option in the BIOS and it worked well for me. But there is one unpleasant nuance - if fastboot is enabled in Bios, then after loading Windows the sound device of the LG monitor is not detected, if fastboot is turned off, then after turning on the PC the sound device is correctly detected in the device manager as LG Ultrafine Display Audio and the sound works, but if you reboot PC (namely reboot, not turn off), then LG Ultrafine Display Audio seems to not have time to decide and is missing from the device manager.
Therefore, I have to turn off the PC every time, which is not always convenient. In the hybrid graphics section in the BIOS, there are, among others, a bunch of other parameters, the human description of which I did not find. Maybe there is a way to change some other settings so that this problem does not reproduce?
If, for example, Hybrid Graphics is completely disabled in the BIOS, then this problem does not reproduce, but in this case I lose acceleration using discrete graphics, which is also bad for me.

Thank you very much in advance!