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Asus X670e Hero Error Post 00

Level 8

Hi Everyone 🙂

I am currently having an issue maybe any can help out 🙂

my current setup is as follows:

  1. Asus X670e Hero
  2. AMD 7950x3d
  3. Asus ryuo iii 360
  4. ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 4090
  5. Memory: Corsair DDR 5 2x32gb 6000
  6. PSU: Corsair RM 1200x Shift
  7. WD Black SN850X 2TB

Everything is brand new tried booting up and I get and error 00 on my mainboard tried to flash the bios via the usb as the back with 0925 and 0805 and still same issue.

Everything is turning on and lights up but nothing is showing up on display.

Any suggestion will be great appreciated :):) not sure if a hardware issue or doing something wrong.

error code 00error code 00pc while turned onpc while turned onpc imagepc image


Level 11

Have you tried to remove the video card and run with the integrated graphics? Or try another memory kit?

You might be aware that the first boot could take a long time because of the initial memory training but I would still expect that the Q code will be changing during this process. It could be a fault with the motherboard too, I wouldn't reject this as a possibility.

Btw, you haven't listed any NVMe drive in your specs and I doubt that you want to boot up from an HDD on such a beefy system. 🙂 If you have an NVMe drive, disconnect the HDD too and try to boot with a minimum set of components. If this doesn't help too, I would seriously consider sending this board for RMA if you have the option.

the system is new so I never managed to boot it, I get the small click that the output to the card is happening.

I tried removing the memory but i still get same issue.

I just have an m2 drive installed only

also tried using the motherboard graphics card but did not remove the old one. 🙂

Level 9

RMA the board and get sometihng else. I spent the best part of 3 months trying to resolve issues with my HERO board and similar config. Eventually just bought an EXTREME board and haven't had any issues since...

There appears to be some serious issues with the HERO baords. 00 codes, other stop codes such as 14 , 0d or even 99 just hanging on the POST screen. Often also had the BIOS just go black or sensors not reading info.


Level 8

I am going to try a new cpu tomorrow the 7900x and see how it goes, else it is most probably the mainboard.

Level 11

I am amazed how many problems the new platform has so many months after its debut. If I have to buy the most expensive board to guarantee a better support and less issues, it is a no deal to me.

I am still on X570 because I am waiting to see the reviews for 7800x3d before deciding how to proceed. But seeing so many complaints I may decide to wait for a little bit longer until the platform is more stable.

Level 8

So ti give an update on the situation I changed Cpu and still had issue, than i changed mother board to the Asus x670e strix and no issue all up and running 🙂

Level 9

Yeeeeeeep ! I installed a new board on Friday and have been running without any issues all weekend while playing D4. Insurgency Sandstorm, New World ... 

in fact , it's giving me better CPU scores and temps as well ...

ASUS really messed something up with the HERO boards ... I hope my RMA gets approved to upgrade to the extreme board i have in now.