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Asus x670e gaming wifi slow boot

Level 7
Hello I just make new build *and I have one problem with the boot time

m2 Samsung 990 pro x2 last frimware *one for windows 1tb and one 2tb for games*
*Cpu 7900x3d
*Ram ddr5 gskill 6000hz OS windows 11 G.Skill DIMM 64 GB DDR5-6000 Kit, Arbeitsspeicher (schwarz, F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5N, Trident Z NEO, EXPO, für AMD)
*Mobo : Asus strix x670e gaming wifi
expo enable
**I have slow boot time and when I change this *option from " auto" to "enable" I get blow screens *on *login of windows
*"enable Context Restore in the DDR Settings menu of BIOS, you might have another one boot after that which is long, but subsequent boots should me much quicker, until you do a BIOS update or clear CMOS"

So when I have it to auto the boot time, takes about 70 sec , when I turn it enable boot time Goin to 10 sec but it *get *blue screen *


Level 7
Update : roll back to the previous bios, Â*enable memory contrex Â*and everything is OK now ðŸ™�

Which bios version did you roll back?

Level 7

Same here with bios 1303 x670 e-a