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ASUS X670E-F Wireless Gaming WIFI BIOS 1709 doesn´t work??

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Hello everyone,

I need help. It's been a very long time since I bought an AMD system. Before this purchase I was an Intel generation representative. I took a broad approach and, with power consumption in mind, decided on a 7800X3D in combination with an X670E-F Gaming WIFI. Plus Corsair CMH32GX5M2B6000Z30K DDR5 6000 64 GB.

In general, I have to say that the system works without any problems in terms of performance. What really annoys me is the loading times when the computer is started.

Without an activated EXPO profile, start in Windows and be ready for use in 30 seconds. Here's the problem, with the EXPO profile activated, start Windows and be ready for use in 1 minute 30 seconds. It may be that it is normal behavior because of DDR5 and what else, but it is still unacceptable and makes no fun!

Now the actual background of why I write. There was a workaround with BIOS version 1516 from July 24, 2023. If you activated Memory Context Restore in this version, booting was extremely fast, even with the EXPO profile activated. No crashes, everything was great.

Never touch a running system! Last night I saw that there was a new Bios 1709 from Oct 12, 2023 and installed it. Big mistake! With this Bios version, the EXPO profile no longer works in an acceptable start time and when I activate MCR it is no longer possible to boot into the operating system; the monitor simply remains black while loading.

I saw the option “BIOS Image rollback support” in the UEFI Bios and thought hey, do that! Downloaded my version 1516 from Asus and was completely annoyed to find out that it didn't work despite this option or that I did something wrong???

The “Bios Image rollback support” option was already activated. I couldn't load the old .cap file via EZ Flash. The thing always said it wasn't a bios file

Specifically, I have three questions

  1. How do I get the old BIOS version back on the thing or is the option in the BIOS actually just a joke from the Muppet Show?
  2. Is there a secret setting in version 1709 so that booting runs normally again including the activated EXPO profile, with or without MCR?
  3. Does anyone have a spontaneous idea that didn't occur to me?


I am thankful for every help!



Level 7


Try to do the biosflashback button method. If you have it.

See video link:

Important to rename the bios file manualy, dont use the bios renamer in step 3 in the video.

God luck