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Asus X670E boot time too long

Level 8

I am have an issue where my boot up time for my new PC is very slow. i know that the first time boot up when i built the PC is long but this is getting ridiculas. My old PC would start up in half the time. i have the following install:

MOBO; Asus crosshair x670E
CPU; AMD 7050x
RAM; G.Skill 32gb @ 6000: 2x 16gb
GPU; EVGA 3090ti
OS: Windows 11 home

That doesn't seem accurate.

After the bios last update, DOCP I started crashing for me on every boot, had to switch to DOCP II

The MCE option under Extreme Tweaker is not enough, there's another one "hidden" under Advanced, and that's the one that does the trick.

First of all it's called EXPO not DOCP.  And my PC is booting fast and normal now.  Very "accurate" for me.  Cheers.



I have also recently bought a new rig with the X670e TUF Gaming plus wifi and had very slow boot times after enabling any of the expo profiles. Updated all the drivers and latest bios but just with expo 1 it was about 70 seconds, following the recommendation to enable memory context restore above this reduced my boot time to 15 seconds. As already stated the first boot after change was still slow but subsequent boots were much faster and seems stable so far.


CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D

Mobo: Asus TUF X670e Gaming plus wifi (Bios 1809)

RAM: G.Skill 32GB F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5N 

GPU: Asus TUF 3070


Thanks for the info much appreciated.

Level 8

Just built a system with the x670e Extreme and I have stupidly long post times. Over 3 minutes. I do have 128GB of RAM, but it is on the reccommended list.

Tried the reccommendations but nothing speeds it up. It is on expo1 with both the enabled's enabled on the context setting.

Seems ridiculously slow.

Is the memory kit on the QVL list? The fact that is 128GB matters.

There are 2 context settings, have you set both?

If it doesn't work, I would forget EXPO, those 3 min are very noticeable and the performance from EXPO isn't.

For reference, my rig with 64gb with  DOCP @ 6ghz takes ~40 secs from power button to windows login screen, it's still a lot for a high end pc, but apparently it's "normal".

The MOBO support page this is listed:

G.SKILL F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5NR 2x 32GB EXPO 6000 6000 DS SK Hynix 30-40-40-96 1.4 1,2


That is the exact memory I bought except I got 2 packs. so it is 4x32. I will add that I left it running for one half of the football today and it still hadn't posted with EXPO 1 on.

In the QvL it is stated the exact size, 2x32 is not the same as 4x32 for the memory controller.

I seriously doubt you will manage to POST with EXPO, maybe you can with manual OC at lower speed than 6ghz.

It posts without it. No dramas.

Level 7

To speed up boot time the solution is to set up this option inside BIOS: