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Asus x670 Hero freezes

Level 7

windows freezes random with no error until hard reset happens with all motherboards and cpus with expo disabled or enabled MSI board gave me MEMORY_MANAGMENT error with expo disabled

temps are good 35 idle 79 load all core( 60in games)

CPU 7800x3d x2

Watercooling Asus 240 AIO Ryujin

Mainboard Asus x670 Hero, Asus Strix 670 -F, Msi x670 Carbon

Ram Gskill CL30 6000mhz / Corsair CL30 6000mhz both EXPO kits

PSU AUS Thor 850watt Platinum

SSD Samsung 970+ Evo

im not the only one with that problem



Level 7

If it's any consolation, I have the same problem as you. and I installed everything from scratch. so I don't think it's a software problem but a hardware or bios problem. I use officially supported kingston memory. I hope asus takes a step in solving this problem.

Level 8

I have G.Skill memories too, F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR, EXPO, with no problems but the issue that I can't overclock it and I can't use four modules. I bought two kits of two, not one kit of four. So if I use one kit, default, memories run at 4800 Mhz and if I run both kits memories run at 3600 MHz.
What I mean is I can overclock, but with an increment in temperatures, around 4 degrees, increment in VDDCR-SOC voltage, from ~1.02 to ~1.20, and the long times for booting my PC, more than a minute. So I prefer to keep them default because I'm only loosing 5 fps in MSFS 2020. I'n running 95 fps in default with Ultra settings.
Now I'm telling you the whole story because I read in your post: "Ram Gskill CL30 6000mhz / Corsair CL30 6000mhz both EXPO kits"
So I suppose you have two kits as I have. You could try if the PC works using only one memory. If works, then you add the second module but verifying that this module if the one that came together with the one you are testing. I mean not mixing memories from different kits.
If you want to test the four memories verify you're installing one kit on positions 2 and 4, and the other kit on 1 and 3.
Ok, that's something I think you can try.

Finally ,I have a question for you. When you say: "temps are good 35 idle 79 load all core( 60in games)" you are speaking about the numbers in the motherboard or the real temperature of the CPU? Because there are like 10 degrees of difference between them. For example I have, while writing this, almost idle,  ~ 36 degrees in the Mobo but  45 degrees in HWMonitor Tctl / Tdie. I'm using air cooler Noctua NH-U12A, but I will test soon with an AIO.


its not a memory problem because it freezes with expo disabled aswell temps are HW info aswell on my motherboard and aio showing exacr same numbers