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ASUS tuf gaming x670e-plus wifi memory errors after bios update

Level 7

I have the aforementioned motherboard with a ryzen 9 7950x and 32GB of kingston hyperx fury ram KF560C36BBEAK2-32 (SK Hynix M die). I bought this memory kit, because at the time it was the cheapest M die kit with 6000 MT/s EXPO support.

It did work fine with the most agressive expo enabled until I have updated my bios to the most recent (1813). After that I ran into constant bluescreen and while trying to figure out what have happened I found out that not only EXPO did not work, if I installed both stick of ram in any configuration and ran memtest I got a ton of errors in the Address test section and Moving Inversions section of memtest. I have tried running memtest with only 1 stick of ram and both dimms worked fine, even with EXPO enabled.

I was running bios version 1636 before that (I know I am bit late on updating) and it worked fine with DDR5-6000. Now I have flashed back the bios to the same version (which was a chore since the EZ-flash utility says it is incompatible to any bios before 1809, so I had to use bios flashback and it takes much longer), but know ddr5-6000 spits out errors on this bios version as well.

Do you guys have any idea, other than manually overclocking the ram (which is fine by me, but I would rather use EXPO if I can)?

To you any of you Asus reps, who reads it:
Do you have any ide if and when there will be a fix to bios version 1813, since it literally rendered my system unusable with 2 stick of ram (I got like 5 BSODs under 2 hours and corrupted my windows install).

Thank you for reading this!

Best of luck with EXPO,