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ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-Plus WIFI Missing bios options

Level 7

Hey so this is pretty much a shot in the dark but I’ve been all over the internet trying to find the answer to this:

It seems that the option ”system time and alarm source” is missing from the more recent asus motherboards, did it get renamed or is there another way to access that option? Also it seems to be defaulted to legacy rtc (although the option is missing in bios) and i’d like to change it to ACPI time and alarm device. Any help is greatly appreciated!

ps the option is available on for example prime b360 plus and many other motherboards but not the Tuf gaming b650 m plus


Level 7

It appears that the "system time and alarm source" option is missing on your ASUS Tuf gaming b650 m plus motherboard. Here are some quick suggestions:

  1. Check for BIOS Updates: Visit the ASUS website to see if there are BIOS updates for your motherboard that might address this issue.

  2. Contact ASUS Support: Reach out to ASUS customer support for specific guidance on your motherboard model.

  3. Consult User Manuals: Review your motherboard's user manual for any information on this setting or similar options.

  4. Community Forums: Check ASUS community forums for solutions shared by other users who might have faced the same problem.

Level 7

I'm also missing an option from the BIOS on this board. NB Configuration is completely missing. I cannot enable onboard graphics alongside the dedicated card. I've updated to the latest BIOS. (As of this post, its 1811.) It was missing before the update and after.