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Asus TUF Gaming b650-plus Wifi | Wifi doesnt work

Level 7

Hello everyone,

i recently build my new system (like two weeks ago). All the drivers and BIOS version is up to date:

Ryzen 7 7800X3D
RTX 4080 SUPER (OC Asus ProArt)
32GB Corsair Vengeance 6000/cl30
TUF Gaming b650-plus wifi
WIN10 pro

Everything worked great but today i wanted to install the wifi antenna and the problems started.

First i downloaded the official wifi drivers from the Asus website (the win10ones, not win11) and tryed installing them. Nothing happened. Not even a lil cmd-popup.
After that i downloaded the realtek TL8852BE WiFi driver from the Asus site which seemed to work out. At least it installed correctly and the wifi adapter was shown in the device manager.

I tryed connecting to my wifi and instantly got a BSOD which said "bugcode ndis driver". So i deinstalled the realtek driver from the device manager and started searching online.
Aftter that i installed armoury crate and updated all drivers that way. Restarted my PC, try to connect to wifi and instantly get a BSOD again.
Since then i tryed reinstalling all drivers again, reinstalled armoury crate, tryed old versions (up to 2018 versions) of wifi drivers, physically reinstalled the wifi antenna, cleared my cmos, activated and deactivated my wifi adapter in my BIOS and ran "sfc /scannow" but still the same problem.

Any other solutions? I wont believe its the mb itself cause "ndis driver" should only be caused by wrong/corrupted drivers, shouldnt it?

Thanks in advance.


Level 7

Kind of funny. I built a computer for my nephew, with the same board and having the same issue as you. 

I get random bsods from the WiFi driver. 

I just updated the bios and going to see if that improves it but so far I'm not sure what the solution is.

Fyi I updated the bios to the newest version and installed the last WiFi driver. I used driver booster from iobit to update the driver to one from 2024. This seems to have solved the issue thus far.