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Asus rog Strix X670E-E 6400 RAM 32X2 Giga configuration

Level 7

Hello everyone.

I ve just bought this Motherboard and I was going to buy this RAM product cause the price is very convenient at the actual price:

Only about 280 euro Atm but I cannot see the QVL for the AMD motherboards.

Also asus only specify the compability with only 16x2 giga for the same model of Ram but not with the 32x2.

If anyone is using those can you please give me a feedback is the system stable? any problem to use those?

what is the best 32x2 RAM would you suggest for the AMD with CPU 7950x3D?


Best Regards,




Level 13

I have tested the AMD Z5 Neo kit:

It works very well in EXPO, my system will run the 6200, 6400 MT/s memory presets in BIOS, with a few adjustments.

Most likely you will be fine with the Intel kit you listed above, if you know how to manually set memory frequency, FCLK, voltages, and your primary timings,... start at 6000 MT/s, and move up to 6200, 6400 MT/s.

0805 6000 Daily.jpg




How are you getting the memory presets to work? I have the same ram kit as you but on x670e-i. I tried the 6200 and 6400 presents and they require cmos reset. I've noticed that selecting either presets doesn't change any of the voltages settings. 

As for OP, there's mixed feeling on getting 6400 XMP kits to work with the Ryzen CPUs, as it's at the very limit of what the memory controller can manage. It may require a lot of trial of error with bios settings and get ready to do some cmos clears. If these are SK Hynix dies, then you should be able to use buildzoid's mem oc for 6000 mhz and work up from there.  

You are showing how things work with 32 GB but he asks about the 64 GB kit. Larger density kits have more issues to run at a higher clock so maybe this is the reason why ASUS are not listing his kit in their QVL. Basically, it will be a lottery if the memory will work at the advertised speed or not.

Interesting, didn't realize his bios is only showing 32gb. The kit he is referencing is the 64gb kit (2x32gb). 

Sorry, I edited post.

I was running the 2x32GB kit awhile ago, back on bios 0805. Have since swapped out memory several times. 

The OP would need to run manual settings with the kit he listed, as it is not EXPO it is Intel XMP kit.

If he doesn't want to mess with manually setting everything, then as I suggested the Z5 Neo 2x32GB 6000 MT/s kit will work in EXPO @ 6000 MT/s just fine,.. and depending on his CPU if his system will run the 2x32GB kit @ 6400 MT/s.