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ASUS Rog strix x670e-a gaming wifi (Windows 11) - Sound is really bad

Level 7

Hi ! I just finished building my PC, but I have one big problem, the sound is very bad (it sound like is over amplified). I have a Logitech Z906 speakers and connected to this pc it sounds very very bad. In Realtek console the impedance appear to be over 1000 Ohm and the amplify set to "Extreme", after i set it to "Performance" it started to sound a little bit better but not as good as it should be. So i discoverd that if i set Windows volume down to 50-60% the sound is much better, but this is not a solution because that means that i will always have to check for the windows volume to be in that range. So what i could do about that ?

(Note) I installed the latest drivers from ASUS websites