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Asus ROG B650E-I Gaming WiFi, 32GB DDR5 Kingston Fury Beast 6000 RAM, Instability issues !

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Hi guys,

It's great to meet you all, I am having some instability issues and hoping somebody if I do a decent breakdown somebody may see what the issue is potentially.

I have just purchased a pre-owned system for the following parts.

Asus ROG B650E-I Gaming WiFi

32GB (2 X 16GB) Kingston Fury Beast 6000Mhz RAM

AMD 7800XD3

AMD 7900 XT.


The issues start when I change the frequency of the RAM from "Auto" which downclocks the RAM from 6000 to 4800 (5% loss on benchmarks etc). I get startup freezes @ 6000 randomly!


I have done the following.

Fully updated to the latest ASUS Bios on the motherboard.

Reset everything to factory in the BIOS / cleared CMOS also.

Set the "Memory Context Restore" & Power Down Enable  to enabled in "Ai Tweaker"

Set "PBO" to on.

Go to  "Asus AI-Tuner" - Changed RAM from the "Auto" to DDR5 6000 Profile (pre-set via the RAM)

Re-booted, sometimes the machine loads RAPID in 9.5 seconds from bios time, but other times it HANGS as soon as you hit the loading page into Windows 11.

If I set the memory back to "Auto" it simply works perfectly for each boot, but at the 4800 instead of the 6000 frequency.

Video of the boot issue below.

The exact ram model numbers are




Thank you guys, could it be the RAM is not officially supported by this motherboard? I don't know how to actually check if that's the case.

I have also ran MEMTEST86 @ 6000Mhz and it passed all 4 tests via a USB Boot stick


Level 7

Bumping this thread guys !!


Tried a NEW CPU / NEW motherboard / NEW RAM !


Same issue.. hanging on BOOT into W11 randomly - any ideas?

only thing that's not been changed GPU 7900XT and the PSU

Level 7

I had a similar problem. Try reset bios if you can't run PC now, set XMP profile, restart PC, open bios and set enable Memory Context Restore in Ai Tweaker. The computer should start to boot much faster and not freeze when initializing memory. It is important to enable the MCR before the memory fails initialization for the first time