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Asus Prime X670e memory only works in B1 & B2

Level 7
Hey all, interesting one here. The manual says to put the memory in A2 & B2, but my config only works in B1 & B2. A single stick will work in B2 but a single stick will not work in A2. I have upgraded the bios and went int there to ensure it had the correct timings and voltage.

Also note that the memory I am using is CORSAIR Vengeance RGB 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 5600 (PC5 44800) Desktop Memory Model CMH32GX5M2B5600C36WK. The motherboard is the ASUS Prime X670E-PRO WIFI 6E Socket AM5.

So the 2x16Gb are working in slots B1 & B2 but I'm concerned there is an issue if I decide to add 2 more. My guess, is to just wait for a future bios update as there are many posts regarding this issue.

Thanks for the time and comments.

Level 14
If you're only using B1 & B2, you are losing memory bandwidth due to only using a single bank. Some tools may report that as "dual channel" with DDR5 because there's 2 channels per bank, but those tools would report "quad channel" if you were using both A & B banks (DDR4 was 1 64 bit channel per DIMM, DDR5 is 2 32 bit channels per DIMM). Possible causes are CPU/cooler mounting pressure, CPU socket damage, or a board problem. Does it work with XMP/EXPO disabled (i.e. is this an overclocking problem or are the A sockets completely dead)?

If you've not already done so, carefully inspecting the pins in the CPU socket for damage / contamination / etc is one of the usual next steps, followed by carefully remounting the CPU. Those pins are very delicate, so don't poke at them, removing any contamination / debris from the socket must be done with great care. Also inspect the contact pads on the base of the CPU for any anomalies. Don't excessively torque down the cooler mount, that can cause the board/socket to bend and prevent all pins making good contact.

Yep, checked cpu pins and AIO is not too tight. My guess is if I attempt to RMA then they will make me try new memory since the ones I use are not on their approved list.

Hello, i have the same problem with my b650e-e, ram working only B1 and B2, do you solve your problem? Ja sent the information to Asus do i waiting for inf   

11h later, adnotation, i gave back to the shop the mainboard, so I wait new one.  The mainboard should be work good. It's my opinion. the service didn't give a feedback 

After 2 Month the system is running corectly.