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Asus Crosshair X670E Extreme - WARNING! Water leak detected. For system safety, the system...

Level 9

Hello everyone. Around the middle of June 2023 I upgraded from AM4 to AM5.
My system
Asus Crosshair x670e-e extreme (Current Bios 1602)
AMD Ryzen 7800x3d
Ram G-Skill Trident Neo 2x16gb ddr5 6000mhz (QVL)
Asus Strix RTX3080
AIO EK Nucleus 360 D-Lux
About two months ago, while my son was playing Minecraft, the following warning appeared: "WARNING! Water leak detected.
For system safety, the system will shut down in 5 seconds".
The PC turns off on its own, I open the case and check if there is water in the system with some absorbent paper. Everything is dry and I restart the PC which continues to work without any problem.
Yesterday, while my son was playing on the PC, the warning message reappeared again and the PC turned off.
I reopen the PC and leave the paper towels everywhere for 18 hours and everything is always dry, no leaks, the PC starts up regularly and works as always.
The first warning appeared with bios 1516 while the second with bios 1602.
The AIO EK device has only one output connector and is connected to the W_PUMP+1 connector.
Obviously the cpu_fan sensor has been disabled from the bios to start the PC normally.
No changes to the bios other than enabling the expo profile.
How can I avoid repeating the error?


Level 9

Hi, try to plug in PWM connector only to CPU fan header

ROG Strix X670E-E, Ryzen 7900, 2x16 Gb Dominator Platinum 6000Mhz

Level 9

I'll try but sincerely I don't think that this solved the problem. I think that's all related to wb_sensor. For know if connect the aio to cpu_fan fix the problem I'll have to wait because is rare. 

Level 7


Make sure you are using the latest firmware of your critical devices.