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asus crosshair x670e extreme AE9 Soundcard pci 4

Level 7

Hi All,

Just built my pc asus crosshair x670e extreme, having some issues with using the bottom pci slot and my ae9 soundcard 

Card was installed when installing windows,  windows did see it as its applied the generic Creative drivers.

and its seen in device manager, however when installing latest software from creative, it states card is not installed.

anything special I need to do within the bios?

Set up is currently 

1x m.2 located on the Gen 2 slot which contains my windows 10 - working as intended

1x 2080ti, seen and working fine 

2x sticks of working memory 

1x AE9 sound card. located on the bottom pci 4 slot at - 



Level 8

I have the same set up as well and I am not experiencing those issues.

Make sure you have the PCIe power 6-pin plugged into the card.

I have also disabled "USB Audio", "Bluetooth", and the "ASMedia" controller in the BIOS.

Hi Edarren,

Thanks for your reply, I updated to the latest bios and magic happened. Everything works as intended now.