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Asus 4070 dual OC won't "click" into Asus x670e-e Gaming mobo

Level 7


I am currently in the process of a new build. As the title states -- my asus 4070 dual GPU doesnt want to seem to lock into the pcie slot on my asus x670e-e gaming motherboard.

I have built many PC's, I have ensured the back IO is properly fitted with the case and I have unlocked the locking mechanism but it does not click. I also put enough pressure on it that I don't feel comfortable using more.

My two theories currently are: 

1. The x670 chipset heatsink is somehow blocking the gpu from seating fully, however this would be very surprising if Asus designed a board that blocked one of their own GPUs from seating properly.

2. The locking mechanism, which is a button attached to a wire which then pulls the lock down to release the card, is not allowing the lock to make the highly sought after "click".


When I install the GPU, I can manually move the lock up and into place, however in the past I have always read/been told that it should audibly click (without manual interference) if seated properly.

Has anyone else run into this issue with these two products? I honestly haven't checked if the GPU is actually recognized but I would prefer to solve this issue as it will have me worried forever even if the system functions properly. Id always be worried about the GPU being seated properly. 



Hello jag96

It might take a little extra force to get the pcie clip to lock into place, but not too much. If you've helped the clip up and is locked into place, this sounds good.

Once it's installed, you shouldn't have to remove it. If for whatever reason you do have to remove it, I always used the eraser end of a pencil to push the pcie clip down.

You can check in the bios or with GPU-Z that your gpu is running at pcie x16 4.0.

At idle it will show pcie x16 1.1, when you start a game, it should ramp up to pcie x16 4.0.