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AM5 BIOS based on AGESA new faster memory training is not always stable.

Level 7

I was stable on the previous non-beta BIOS release with EXPO @ 6000 and it was impossible to make the system stable with the latest BIOS based on AGESA  This BIOS introduced a massively faster memory training procedure that cut boot time by a large margin.  The problem is that this training must be skipping some steps necessary because stress testing after this release would produce errors on some boots and not others.  I could stress for hours and hours without issue on one boot and the next start getting errors within minutes. 

Memory Context Restore manually set to disabled from Auto (in both places) made no difference.  VSOC on Auto on the latest BIOS sets VSOC higher than my manual setting (by quite a bit) on the previous BIOS so this is not a result of VSOC reduction.  

In the end I had to roll back, at which point I could run with a lower VSOC and have a stable system across reboots.  What ASUS needs to do is ensure is that either this faster training is removed until it works correctly or preferably make it a setting that we can choose to enable or not so people who don't (or think they don't, because they haven't stress tested across multiple boots) have problems can continue to use it if they choose to.


Level 8

Are you moving outside the motherboard settings?
I'm using RAM Tweaked 6000, PBO 2 Advanced with CO -29 All Cores, MCR Enabled, Power Optimizer Enabled, Fast Boot Disabled. Wait 3 seconds to 0. No Issues. CBR23 Test = 37,507. 33 seconds from button pressed to login screen. No issues.

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New AGESA firmware can sometimes impact stability depending on changes made, this isn't always in the motherboard vendor's control. What memory kit are you using?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 8

I'm Using X670E-F with latest BIOS (which is 1415) also got random reboots, not frequent but still have random reboot,

MCR Disable, PBO enable With per core -20 and (most usage core set to -10) , power down disable, Wait 3 second to 4 second, Boost Override CPU 175

Level 7

The only thing I've found to make things completely stress test stable is to set my EXPO profile and then manually reduce the speed from 6000 to 5800.  Not ideal but I don't want to keep guessing about the stability of the PC from boot to boot.  My memory is G.Skill Z5 and is on the QVL.  Fingers crossed for next next release, I guess.

Level 8

Using this motherboard with the latest bios 1415 rams stick Kingston Renegade 6000 MT/S XMP 3 but DOCP Tweaked with 2x sticks only overclocked at 6200 Mhz , with curve optimizer at -28 stable but cannot go below -29 becuase my system reboots again with no BSOD,  but everything else on Auto, Medium Load boost it = Enabled, C State control = Enabled ! I think this is my limit CPU clocks at 5902 Mhz CCX1 and 5650 Mhz CCX2,  CB23 score 37,710 pts at 95,3 Celsius  213,37 W pretty happy with this score . If you go with 4x stick of Rams than the max frequency is 5800 MT/S stable you should try !



Hello, yep. That’s why you cannot buy four DIMM kits at that frequency.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

I don't know what happened but backed off a little bit from -28 to -26 for the curve optimizer now my CPU turned up much more higher frequencies around 6250 Mhz for 10 cores the remainings cores stays at around 6000 Mhz at least the power dissipation went up to 225 Watts and at chill 54 celsius 5550 Mhz just with the ASUS Strix X670E - F little motherboard with 90 Amps power stage 1.414 V this is pretty good maybe for the fact that I dissabled Frequency max boost override from max 200+ to Auto very interesting now reaching almost 38.000 pts CB23 at 95 Celsius with the simple EVGA CLC 360 pretty good cooling solution that I got with the proccesor as an offer EVGA CLC 360 went out from the market nowhere to find anymore ! 

Level 8

I haave exactly the same experience. EXPO or EXPO Tweaked setting is not stable at BIOS 1415 and 6000 MHz on my 32GB KIT DDR5 6000MHz CL36 FURY Beast Black RGB EXPO. I downgraded to BIOS 1303 and everything is OK again 😉

Level 9

I may be one of few that has an older bios version, still.. that is the only way to keep my memory stable.

RoG Strix X670E A Gaming + 7950X + 32Gb G.Skill 6000 CL36 with the following.

vSoC set manually to 1.18v
VDDIO MC to 1.18v
Curve Optimizer now at -10 (its stable at -15 on cinebench but randoom reboots)
6000mhz EXPO II CL lowered to 34 but I intend getting to 30, not sure because its a Samsumg.
vCore negative offset -0,08v
Trying to mess with SCALAR from 4 to 10
Memory Context Restore DISABLED

Boot times 21seg post and 40 on Windows.

Hitting +5700 across the first CCD and over +5500 on second.
37K on Cinebench (keep in mind this is with ECOMODE 105 )
Temps well controlled with a 240 Ryujin 70ish (ambient temp 24ºC)


Wish MCR would work, boot is like instantaneous but BSOD's well before windows.