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AM5 BIOS based on AGESA new faster memory training is not always stable.

Level 7

I was stable on the previous non-beta BIOS release with EXPO @ 6000 and it was impossible to make the system stable with the latest BIOS based on AGESA  This BIOS introduced a massively faster memory training procedure that cut boot time by a large margin.  The problem is that this training must be skipping some steps necessary because stress testing after this release would produce errors on some boots and not others.  I could stress for hours and hours without issue on one boot and the next start getting errors within minutes. 

Memory Context Restore manually set to disabled from Auto (in both places) made no difference.  VSOC on Auto on the latest BIOS sets VSOC higher than my manual setting (by quite a bit) on the previous BIOS so this is not a result of VSOC reduction.  

In the end I had to roll back, at which point I could run with a lower VSOC and have a stable system across reboots.  What ASUS needs to do is ensure is that either this faster training is removed until it works correctly or preferably make it a setting that we can choose to enable or not so people who don't (or think they don't, because they haven't stress tested across multiple boots) have problems can continue to use it if they choose to.


Mine looks like this settings mentioned above never tryed ecomode I think should consider tweaking to see the real results.

This only with curve optimizer everything else on auto but changed memories to G Skill 6000 Mhz CL 32 2x32GB kit and I don't like them at all my Cinebench score pts went down almost 2000 pts now around 36.000 pts I will change back to Kingtson Fury Renegade with only XMP profiles ram's that are much better than EXPO ones, you can fine tune them however you want.


CPU profile under no load and load with Cinebench 2023

Screenshot 2023-07-15 171828.pngScreenshot 2023-07-15 172457.png

Why on earth G Skill doesn't show real SPD information but only in JEDED 1 to 7 thats the real EXPO profile  ??

I think this is garbage I will go back to my Kingston Fury Renegade 6000 Mhz with 3 XMP profile much better !

Screenshot 2023-07-15 173133.pngScreenshot 2023-07-15 173213.png


If your temps are fine, no need for EcoMode. It drops the scores a bit.

I have a 240 AIO. 

Best score  ever from 7950X 38642 ptsBest score ever from 7950X 38642 pts

My new best score 4x sticks Kingston Fury Renegade at 5800 MT/s super stable !

Curve Optimizer now at - 25
Memory Context Restore Disabled everything elso Auto and latest BIOS version 1602

Motherboard Asus Rog Strix x670e-f gaming

Level 9

You should enable Memory Context Restore to prevent training not disable it.