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Always get x8 on Proart X670E PCIE16X_1, need helps

Level 8

Recently I find that my grahpics card (directly plugged to MB) always run at x8 on Proart X670E.

According to the manual, this board should have full x16 support if nothing is installed on PCIE16X_2.



 - Installed graphics card to another PC, it works without lane issue

 - Installed different cards, still on x8

 - Removed all the other PCI components including SSDs, does not fix it

 - Lastest BIOS (1410), set X16 mode in BIOS, does not work. Cleared CMOS, does not work. Disabled iGPU, does not work

 - Re-seated CPU, does not work

 - Set 8x8x mode, and installed two graphics card on PCIE16X_1 & PCIE16X_2, GPU-z shows two 8x8x cards. This implies the 16 lanes to CPU is working well?


Any guys using this MB have this issue? Or any suggestions? Thanks!


Specs: 7950x3d / Proart-x670e / 32G*2@6000MHz / 4090FE / TitanXP / 6900XT


Level 9

proart gpu.jpg







Hi, mine is running at 16x.  See pic.

Anyway just a wild suggestion. Try load default BIOS with 1 ram? Use the official non beta 1303.

Also, what is your ProArt MB revision? Mine is r1.03

You need to check physically; it is printed between the CPU and left most RAM slots just above the ProArt wording.

And when is the manufacturing month? Can be found on your box.

Thank you very much!

Now I am sure that my board is defective, gonna send it to RMA, sigh. Board revision is R1.03.

This lane issue is existed since the day I brought it back to Oct 2022 (BIOS 0705), I thought it was graphics card power saving feature at that time.



Looks like both of us have some RMA to do; just for different reasons.

Lets keep each other posted.