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Zen 3 on x470 ROG boards?

Level 7
Anyone know if Asus will be adding Zen 3 support to X470 ROG boards?

I heard that AMD are providing vendors the updated bios code so they can work on releasing it in the new year.

I own a 3700X, running on the

Thanks in advance 🙂

Level 7
i wanna know this as well, if they dont support my x470 crosshair 7 i'll be very disappointed and probably wont buy asus products again.

it's still a relatively high end board, has usb flashback, good vrm and has a 32mb bios. i see no reason zen 3 shouldn't be supported on it

Utterly shocking is that.

I am not pleased.

I hope Asus change their minds.

Level 8

Other companies have confirmed that they will update. Asus fans should not be disappointed. I hope it's all a joke. Even if it's late, the update should come.

I'm sure they'll provide support sometime early next year. I think it's a reasonable strategy not to push new BIOS on every chipset right at launch time, and give AMD time to iron our any potential issues. No one should be buying new stock X470 anyways, so we can wait a bit and have a hopefully stable BIOS next year. It feels nice not to be worried about Zen3 stocks, Black Friday deals, etc. 🙂

I do wonder ... there are rumors about a Zen3 refresh sometime next year (Warhol/5000XT?) it would be nice if those SKUs would also be supported, just so I can run the best AM4 CPU ever released...

Dude1070 wrote:

Ill bealive when I see statement from ASUS.

Level 8

This is direct from Asus customer support.

Customer Service Feedback

Dear ASUS Customer,

Thank you for contacting ASUS Support.

All ASUS X470, B450 motherboards available on the market will be compatible with Ryzen 5000 series (Zen 3) via a BIOS update which is expected in Jan/2021. AMD 500 series MB also support Ryzen 5000 series CPU and they will receive the BIOS update sooner.

If you have any other question feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards,
Asus Customer Service

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