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X570 ROG Impact beta 2402 issue with Ryzen5000 (PLL and WHEAs)

Level 7
same issue on x570 impact with 2402 patch C.
1,8V PLL too high and once manually fixed the system won't boot or slow down like a 486.

FCLK above 1600Mhz result in tons of WHEAs, CPU BUS/Interconnect Errors.

2311 works up to FCLK 1900Mhz IF CPU multiplier is fixed (on Auto setting again tons of WHEAs)

2x16GB G.Skill 3200C14 oc 3800C14
MSI Ventus 2080Ti OC
SilverStone SST-SX700-LPT
Samsung 970Pro 1TB
Heatkiller CPU+GPU Mo-Ra 420

Level 7
I posted this reply in a similar thread; hope it helps:

I've been having issues with all BIOS past 1302. The way I fixed this issue was by manually setting the voltages:

SOC = 1.0v

VDDG CCD = 0.950v

VDDG IOD = 0.950v

CLDO VDDP = 0.900v

You can increase each by .05v if you still see the WHEA errors.

This was with BIOS 2402 beta (C8H Wifi)

even if this would reduce the WHEAs, the PLL voltage is still far too high and no way to reducing it

Can confirm. Same setup and same issues here.

It seems that it's not limited to just asus boards.

Level 11
New bios is out - 2502. Fixed all WHEA errors with ram above 3200 for me. It also brought PLL down to a more reasonable 1.8v again. It looks like the PBO table was adjusted, as I've lost around 500 points in CB20 with all settings being equal.