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X570 POST/BIOS not displaying with ultrawide plugged in

Level 7
I just purchased a new Asus TUF x570-Pro Wifi motherboard, and put a 5900X in it. What I'm finding is that if I have my AW3821DW (3840x1600@144HZ native) plugged into the GPU (EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3) when the system boots, I don't get any boot screen output until Windows fully loads and the Login screen comes up. However, if have only my other 24" 1920x1080 monitor plugged in, the boot logo displays, and I can enter the BIOS. Both monitors plugged in shows not boot logo. Doesn't matter which ports on the GPU the monitors are plugged into.

Even on a reboot and rapidly hitting DEL, it goes right to windows and the login screen.
Is this a known issue? I'm running the latest 3405 BIOS.

Level 9
I had a similar issue on my lg monitor - I could connect and access bios if I connected with dvi, but not Displayport, I found if I changed the display port in the monitor settings - from 1.4 enabled to disabled I could get into the bios on display port, unsure if it works on hdmi as I didnt try that cable

for the LG - Using the control stick on the monitor itself, select settings, tab down to general, select displayport 1 4 and then select disable, perhaps you have something similar ?
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