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X570 E Gaming wont boot

Level 7


I´ve been trying to make a fresh install of W10 on my new nvme drive (set currently on the M.2_2 spot) and after some inconvenience's I'm currently experiencing some big time troubles:

1) I get constantly A2 errors ,which I understand, since at this moment there is no W10 installation on none of my drives.

2) Even if I set booting from the USB (with the W10 installer) I get stucked for around 10-15 min at the ROG screen with the A2 error on the motherboard, and after those minutes the launcher works.

3) After being able to boot the installer and finishing the first part of the installation (installing features, updates, etc.) when the PC restarts (automatically) It doesnt continue the installation but it gets stucked again at the ROG screen with the A2 error on the motherboard. After waiting for 15 min aprox nothing happens.

What I`ve done so far to try to fix this problem:

1) I did update the BIOS with the flash option (version 4802).

2) I did double check if the NVME was not properly installed, removing the GPU like 3 times also.

3) set everything on bios to default.

What can I do to fix this?


Level 7

If any has the same issue that I had, remove all drives but the one meant to be the primary drive, once you got W10 set up, you can add the rest of the drives.


In my case removing just 1 nvme did the work for me.