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X570 dark hero DOS oc SAM Issue

Level 7
Hi everyone, It's a few days that I've been looking to solve an issue with my system.
I was looking in the interweb to find a solution or anyone that has/had my same issue but with not much luck.

In a few word I'm going to describe my problem. My system config is :

MB DH VIII Bios 3102
CPU 5900x
GPU 6800xt TUF
32gb Ram G.skill 3600 @3800

Bios Settings
I've noticed that when I'm running the OC in Manual mode, with DOS oc ON. Ram OC at 3800
SAM and resizable bar ON,
on my Adrenalin software the SAM option became unavailable.

However if I leave the OC setting in Auto and I disable the DOS oc on the Bios, than I can turn on the SAM option on the AMD radeon software

Does anyone have any Idea of why? Is this normal?