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x570 Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) with Sas controller issue in slot #2.....

Level 9
I recently got my hands on a newer sas controller (Adaptec smartRAID 3162-8i). I wanted to use it to setup some large RAID 5/6 volumes to use in place of a NAS.

For some reason the card doesn't like slot #2.

It did like slot #1 though.

(I had similar issue in prior PC: 3770K based intel system).

This has created a steamroller effect:
1. Moving my 3080ti to slot 2 has moved it to 8x functionality from 16x (not that big of a deal).
2. The big deal that it DID create was that my large gpu (3080ti) has covered up slot #3, so that I can no longer use my discreet sound card.

Anyone have any experience with SAS Controllers on this Motherboard? (I realize this is outside of the White list official compatibilities etc.......using sas controllers on non-server motherboards is always a crap shoot.).

Just hoping someone has been in similar circumstance and fiddled enough to get one to work in slot 2 and has any pointers on bios settings that would kick it in gear if possible, so I can get my discreet sound card back in operation.


Level 9
After fiddling with it a bit more, I did get all 3 to work properly (GPU in slot 1 @ 16X, SAS Controller detected and working in slot 2, and discreet sound in slot 3...)
Here are the exact steps I did to resolve (not sure which fixed or why:
1. Powered off PC, removed ac.
2. removed SAS controller from slot 1.
3. removed gpu from slot 2.
4. put gpu in slot 1.
5. powered up pc into bios.
6. disabled on board sound.
7. in an attempt to disable other un-necessary items thinking it might be irq conflicts, also disabled realtek nic.
8. Powered off PC, removed ac.
9 Put SAS controller in slot 2.
10 Powered on PC.
11. sas controller detected and Raid array's detected.
12. uninstalled onboard sound drivers and windows store apps.
13. Powered off PC, removed AC.
14. put discreet sound card in slot 3.
15. powered on pc.
16. installed discreet sound drivers and apps.
17 All working as I would have hoped.

Level 12
Hmm. Since you changed multiple things, it's hard to say which one (or ones) fixed it. You said initially the SAS card did not like slot 2. Does this mean it did not show up in Windows? Maybe the PCIE lanes got messed up or there was some sort of driver conflict. Congrats on getting it working!

You are correct in the fact that since multiple changes were made it will be hard to track down what the source of the issue was.

My thinking it was some sort of IRQ or PCIE lane issue (disabling some of the on board components that I'll never use, I personally think it is what freed up the resources to make the card detectable by 1. The motherboard, and 2. The OS.

(I disabled the onboard Sound, and the Realtek nic).

All I know is that everything works according to my original wanted design now:
3080ti in slot #1
SAS controller fully functioning in slot #2, and MB's UEFI features work with it (sas controller options available in uefi menu).
Discreet sound card can be used now that GPU is back in slot 1 (with gpu in slot 2, the 3rd slot to use discreet sound card was blocked.