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X570 Crosshair VIII Hero - Hibernates instead of sleeps. Must unplug PSU to turn on. Replaced PSU 2x

Level 7

A couple things happening.

When I go to sleep it, it hibernates. Rarely does it actually sleep and wake up. Hibernation has been disabled in the power cfg.

To turn it back on I have to unplug the PSU (or turn off the switch and push the button to empty the caps). Sometimes it reboots completely, sometimes it comes back as hibernated. In my experience when a PC does that it's the PSU. I replaced the PSU under warranty twice. I had a Corsair AX1200i, then another one, then a HX1500i. Both did the same thing.

I noticed yesterday that despite the computer being on and running like normal I had Q-Code 30 which is the system is resuming from S3. I thought that was interesting. I've read it's normal to get that code (not really an error) if it's doing that thing, but it was already resumed. Coupled with the other issues I thought I'd post here about it.

  • X570 CH8 Hero Wifi
  • HX1500i
  • 5800X
  • 3080
  • 32GB 3200
  • W11
  • 4702 Bios

Level 7

This does not sound like a PSU problem. What OS and patch version are you running? Also, what are your drive settings in the advanced settings of the Power & Sleep Configuration?

Level 9

In the advanced power options in control panel do you have allow hybrid sleep disabled also?