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x570 CH VIII DH general questions for new build

Level 7
Just put together my first AMD (5900x) and am trying to dial it in correctly on the new bios. Currently have PBO boost set to 150 (occasionally see 5100 on two cores and a third hits 5025, otherwise 5075 and 5000) and all core set to 47.25. Using a mild voltage offset of -.025. IF and my 3600CL14 16gbx2 ram are running at 1900 (Cl14) at SOC 1.16875 and DRAM 1.5V. Temps never go above 70C CPU during standard use but I am not exactly sure which temps are important on HWInfo64 for AMD coming from Intel. Is it more important to monitor CCD temps over just CPU? Also my CCD1 and CCD2 have a temp difference of ~5C under load is this normal? The silicon quality seems above average, R20 scores are 9280-9350 and single core around 630+ and 3dmark timespy CPU score is 15178. Information is hard to come by though, any help would be appreciated.