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X570 CH Dark Hero UEFI/BIOS 4201 - CPU Performance Drop

Level 9
Hi all,

Wanted to make a post about my CPU performance after upgrading the BIOS. Among other things.

Specs are: CH Dark Hero, 5800X, Gskill 32GB 4x8GB 3200Mhz, Galax 3090, Arctic Freezer 480mm cooler, 1TB 980 Pro main drive, Win 10 Pro.

The other day I was forced to run a BIOS Flashback due to getting an issue where I could not get a Display Signal via DisplayPort. This happened to me before and a simple flash (to 3801 at the time) fixed it. Machine ran great for ages until it happened again. Anyway had to flash twice this time but now it appears the CPU performance has dropped a little bit and the game I am playing stutters a bit more (No Man's Sky).

System has never had an OC applied for long as I am not bothered to tinker with this given the already great performance, but I do have DOCP active with a slightly higher voltage as I prefer this (1.36v).

So my CPU Z score has gone down to 580 SC/6500 MC on average, before it was 660/6650 odd. Cinebench R20 score dropped from 6000 odd to 5700-5800. Not huge but something doesn't feel right either. The game I'm playing seems to suffer more CPU loading lag/stutter when entering planets for example and lots of things begin to render on the surface. Also generally more little hitches doing basic things in WIndows.

I have however noted, SSD performance in my game seems to have increased. I have a lot of screenshots in my Steam folder for NMS, and it used to cause a bit of stutter and FPS loss going into photo mode cos of this - now it doesn't do that at all. So that's interesting.

Anyway like I said, not a huge drop but I feel something is amiss and wanted to report.

Level 8
First time i've heard SSD performance increase from a BIOS update, that's interesting if accurate. It's certainly not worth the trade-off if you're experiencing hitching in Windows and games. Do storage benchmarks show an improvement, or is it just noticeable in this specific use case?
Have you tried any gaming benchmarks before and after updating?

We all just want better gaming performance/stability, how is ASUS doing the opposite?