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X570 and Apple Products Issue

Level 10
So I got myself an iPhone, Set it all up and then went to put some music I have onto it through iTunes, But it didn't show up, Tried a different lightning cable, Nothing, The phone registers as being connected in Windows itself but doesn't show up in iTunes.

Then I tried on my girlfriends Intel based laptop, Works instantly, I then tried on my HTPC which is also equipped with an Intel CPU, A Core i7 8600K, Showed up instantly in iTunes, My main rig is a 5800X on an X570 mobo with freshly installed and updated Windows 10 but to make sure I formatted my drive, Reinstalled Windows 10 and iTunes multiple times and still nothing.

All USB ports work just fine with everything I have, Just not any Apple device, The odd thing is that Windows itself sees it but not iTunes, The iPhone is seen by iTunes instantly on my Intel system and my girlfriends Intel system, I also asked a friend of mine who is also on X570 and he mirrored my experience, I genuinely think this is still a USB issue on X570 boards, The Crosshair Hero VIII is updated with the latest bios.