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X470-I: Unable to enable SVM Mode after BIOS Upgrade to 2008

Level 7
After upgrading my STRIX X470-I Motherboard BIOS to version 2008, I am unable to save some settings.
In particular, I am unable to set the SVM Mode to "enable".
After I set the value in the BIOS and restart, the value gets reset to "disabled".
Other values like "POST Timeout" or "PSS Support" also are not persisted after a reboot, while for instance the "CPU Fan Monitoring" or "SATA Mode" options
do get persisted (thank God for that or I wouldn't even be able to boot).

Has anyone run into this issue? I cleared the CMOS state hoping a factory reset would help, but to no avail...

Level 7
It is OK to press "Y" as long as you are flashing the correct file for your motherboard. And the BIOS version you are flashing supports your CPU. I have been at 2008 and flashed back to 1201 using this method. I had to press "Y" and ENTER to proceed with the flash. That question is normal. There is something on 2008 that prevents flashing to a previous BIOS version. Probably support for upcoming CPUs.

All right, I finally fixed my problem!
I reverted to BIOS 1201, thanks a lot aaraujo for your help!
Turns out that didn't actually fix the problem.

I cannot exactly pin point what caused the issue, but it looks like it might have been related to one of those 2 things:

  • My CPU fan isn't connected direclty to the motherboard (it's managed by the case).
    That means with the default BIOS settings, the motherboard won't boot and forces me to disable the CPU fan monitoring in the BIOS, after pressing F1.
  • My system is configured with an NVMe RAID Array

It looks like if I don't set the SVM Mode before setting up both the RAID array and disabling CPU Fan monitoring, then I can't set it up later... (although this isn't 100% proof)

Switching back to version 2008, I was still able to enable SVM Mode, after a few tries.
But after using version 2008 for a few days, I get regular crashes, which make the PC completely frozen, and even holding the power button for 20s doesn't stop it! Never seen that before, I must say... I actually have to switch the PSU off to unfreeze the PC.

So, long story short, I'm back to version 1201... Anyone had similar freeze issues with the 2008 BIOS?