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X470-I: Unable to enable SVM Mode after BIOS Upgrade to 2008

Level 7
After upgrading my STRIX X470-I Motherboard BIOS to version 2008, I am unable to save some settings.
In particular, I am unable to set the SVM Mode to "enable".
After I set the value in the BIOS and restart, the value gets reset to "disabled".
Other values like "POST Timeout" or "PSS Support" also are not persisted after a reboot, while for instance the "CPU Fan Monitoring" or "SATA Mode" options
do get persisted (thank God for that or I wouldn't even be able to boot).

Has anyone run into this issue? I cleared the CMOS state hoping a factory reset would help, but to no avail...

Level 7
I have the same motherboard with the same BIOS version. Can you specify where exactly is "SVM" and "PSS Support" within the BIOS?

They are both under Advanced -> CPU Configuration.

Level 7
Enabled them. After rebooting they are still enabled. I am not sure if they are working though.

That's what failing for me. It was fine before the upgrade to BIOS v2008, but after the upgrade, whenever I enable them, after a reboot they remain disabled.

Very frustrating, as that prevents any kind of virtualization...

Level 7
I have 2008 installed. I do not see a reason for us to observe a different behaviour. What if you install a another version of the BIOS, does the problem remain?

I can't explain it either 😞
Attempting to load a different BIOS was one of the 1st things I attempted. But it looks like it's not possible to load older BIOS versions. When I try to load one, I get an error saying something like "Invalid BIOS image". The manual does say that rolling back BIOS isn't supported.
Do you have any suggestion how that can be done?

Level 7
You can flash an older BIOS version using the method and tools described here:
Just make sure that your CPU is supported by the older BIOS version. And ignore the part of that guide which refers to flashing a modded BIOS.

Ah this is great, thanks a lot for the suggestion and the link.
I've got a bit of a noob question though I think 🙂

I followed the steps on the post and launched the BIOS update to version 1201, but I'm getting the following message:

ROM file information does not match system BIOS
Do you continue to flash? [Y/N]

Is that expected when loading a different BIOS image? Or am I going to brick my motherboard if I continue?

Now that I think about it the AFI Update message is perfectly consistent with the error I'm seeing in EZ update when attempting to downgrade to version 1201.