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X470-F AMD ReLive no audio capture during recording while audio driver are installed.

Level 7
While trying to record using AMD's ReLive, no audio will be captured throughout the recording when viewing playback. After a long day of uninstalling and installing drivers, I've found out I must have the Realtek Audio driver uninstalled and then and only then will ReLive recordings be normal. I've tried installing HDA drivers as well and that didn't help. Has anybody else had this issue? Seems hard for me to believe that an audio driver that many gamers use must be uninstalled in order for our gaming graphics card to be able to record our gameplay properly.

Level 7
I can confirm that using windows to extract versus winrar is an issue. It locked up on me twice, extracted with winrar and it's now flashing the BIOS. This is for anyone else who may run into this in the future!