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Level 7
Will try it out tonight with 2501 as backup. 2501 runs fairly well.

Is this the whole list or more to come for the rest of the motherboards?

Any chance of an actual changelog or are we just expected to figure that out ourselves?

Level 8
Can we expect X470-F aswell?

Level 12
Thanks! I installed a 3700X just yesterday, and as already said, 2501 runs fairly well if taking measures against known bugs. But hopefully this will be better 🙂
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when will these be distributed by asus official servers?

Level 7
I hope Asus haven't forgotten about B350/X370 boards other than the Crosshair? I've personally been holding off upgrading to the 3000 series due to the D2/Linux bug.

Level 7
I love you.

edit: lol Prevision Boost Overdrive menu appeared in the bios.