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What settings to boot USB drive on Crosshair VIII hero wifi mobo?

Level 7
Update: SOLVED. See bottom post.

I'm using an Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (wifi) motherboard v.3801.

Right now, I cannot boot from a live bootable USB flash drive.

Two days ago, I could.

Since then, some BIOS / UEFI settings have obviously been changed, but I can't seem to get them all set right again so that I can boot from a flash drive.

[Update: SOLVED, see below.]

The board does recognize the flash drive, and the drive's icon appears on the desktop after booting into my OS, but I can't boot into the flash drive.

It's plugged directly into one of the motherboard's blue 2.0 USB ports.

My OS is Ubuntu-MATE Linux 20.04.3.

My question is: What are the key necessary BIOS / UEFI settings I need to boot from a USB drive? CSM is enabled, all the individual USB ports are enabled. SecureBoot is off.

Thanks for any tips.

Level 12
The only thing you should have to do based on my experience is find where the boot order can be one time changed. Sometimes it is on the save and exit page depend on bios/board. On my Asus prime b560 it is right on the simple mode first screen and use the mouse to drag the usb drive to top of list. Only works once, repeat process each time.

Thanks for your response. I solved the problem. All I know is that I disabled "Trusted Computing" and I could then see the flash drive in the list of boot over-rides.