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What settings should I enable/disable/not touch for maximum stability?

Level 7

I've been effing around in the bios, and at this point I've flipped so many switches and pushed so many buttons that.... well, I've realized I'm a dumbass who shouldn't have access to switches and buttons without adult supervision.

Firestrike and TimeSpy stress tests both returned that my GPU overclock is 98.6-ish-percent stable, so my existing mobo settings are at least stable enough to let me pass GPU stability tests, so that means absolutely nothing. My computer isn't giving me problems, I just want to sure up the corners; dot the t's and cross the i's so to speak.

For example I've read that enabling VRM spread spectrum and GearDown for memory are good for overall stability, and nobody's yet warned "Holy crap dude, that'll destroy your performance!" I'm looking for more of those settings, stuff with a positive impact on stability and limited impact on performance. (You can choose for yourself what "limited impact" means, I trust your judgement enough not to be, like, "3 megahurts or less!")

Currently, because I can't achieve a stable OC on my own, I've chosen to give the CPU and SOC a +0.0125 offset voltage, just to give the ASUS auto-overclocking some breathing room. GearDown and PowerDown are both disabled and I haven't had any problems, but I'd love to hear second opinions if the cost/benefit is one that you think is worth mentioning. Otherwise the only thing that I've "manually" overclocked is my memory.... using TheStilt's "Fast" 3333 profile, so not really manually, but everything else is up for grabs.

Wow, that wasn't a coherent post, was it? By the way I know that it's megahertz, but megahurts is just way more fun to write.

Level 13
VRM Spread Spectrum I'd set as [Disabled], this may not have a huge effect on OC achieved. You can find some info in regard to it's function in this wiki (link). Basically you will stop the VRM frequency swinging to comply with FCC EMI guidance.

Personally I wouldn't leave SOC [Auto] and add +0.0125V offset to it. I've used 3x 2700X on C7H and all nail 3466MHz on 2x8GB with less than 1V SOC and [Auto] tends to be ~1.1V.

What do you mean by "just to give the ASUS auto-overclocking some breathing room" have you load a profile preset or using Performance Enhancer Level 1-4?
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