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Weird behaviour with ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-ZAKU WI-FI AM4

Level 8

i have the motherboard ASUS TUF Gaming B550M-ZAKU WI-FI AM4 with the latest Bios (2423 08/10/2021).
I installed 2 x M2 Nmve on the motherboard.

First weird problem :
In Bios screen, the 2 x M2 Nmve are displayed on main screen, but when i go in adavnced Sata, M2 are listed as "not present"

Second weird problem :
At first boot (windows 11 pro), boot on 1 x M2, the other M2 is not detected by windows, i need to process a second boot to get it detected by windows
so when i unplugg the psu (for a long time) and plug it again (corsair 750W) it is again same issue

third weird problem :
booting 2 times is ok but at third time, i get black screen, i need power off by unplugging to be able to boot again.
(notice it is not first time i get such issue on asus motherboards, but i never figured out the reasons)

Any ideas why i do have all these problems ?


Level 8
anyone please? this issue is too anoying

Level 12
Sounds like configuration issue.

Why don't you start with what your trying to achieve with the Nvme drives, joined together as one drive, two drives one with OS and one for games ?

Also note that NVME is not SATA so it's not surprising you don't see them in the SATA menus.
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