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Warning for bios 3004 for C7H!!

Level 12
I use USB soundcards and bios 3004 is spamming USB errors to the soundcards, never happened on ANY earlier bios. Makes the soundcards unusable as the sound drops out. Changed back to bios 2901 and the errors are 100% gone.

My Prime Pro with bios 5406, also 1004B, never have had such issues and also not my Aorus M with 1004B either so it's not a AMD error but totally on Asus bios QA.
R9 7950X - ASUS X670E Crosshair Extreme (bios 0803) - 32GB HyperX Fury Beast @6200c32 - Corsair H150i Pro - ASUS RTX3080 TUF OC V2 - Phanteks P400A - Corsair RM850 - WD SN850

Level 8
i have a diffeernt problem. i don´t overclock my system i only set the cpu voltage to 1.33v.

with the older bios i had clocks around 4200-4300mhz under full load (3700x).
wit the 3004 bios and the exact same setting the max clock under full load is around 3600mhz.
i already tried all available power plans. when choosing ultimate power the clocks go as high as 3700mhz but that´s it....


ok maybe i am to blame here..... but does the AUTO setting in the PRECISION BOOST OVERDRIVE settings does not activate PBO?

when i set the PBO setting from AUTO to ENABLE the clocks go at least to 4100mhz on all cores under full load.
still not as good as before but better than 3200-3600mhz.

i can´t remember changing the PBO settings. i could swear i always had them on AUTO with former BIOS versions.

so why is PBO on AUTO not activating PBO?

Level 8
About issues with and PCI, black screen, not booting etc. Creative has confirmed on their official reddit thread here. go to stage 7 in the post