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VTTDDR voltage lower in OS than bios with Strix x470-f

Level 7
Mobo: Strix x470-f
Cpu: R5-2600
Ram: Adata d40, 3000, b-die
Bios: Tested 4011 and 4008
ram voltage: 1.4 to 1.49
Soc: 1.1

I am currently experiencing a weird issue with my VTTDDR voltage. It keeps dropping 0.1-0.13v lower than what I set it to in bios. Its not 100% consistent and varies on what I set my VTTDDR to in bios. If I have it at 0.7v(1.38-1.4v dram) it drops to 0.6 and if I set it to 0.75-0.76 (1.49v dram) it drops to 0.64. I previously suspected it simply reset to 0.6v but now I see it simply undervolts compared to what I set it to in bios. I can fix it OS with AI Suite but I suspect this causes a bottleneck in my memory OC as some clocks refuse to boot. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any suggestions on how to fix/mitigate this? Is it a read error in AI Suite? I kinda doubt the last bit because I get errors if I leave it at 0.6v while passing HCI 400% when manually adjusting it with AI Suite.

Level 7
I figured out that bios literally puts VTTDDR voltage 0.1v below bios setting. Its static with some rounding errors at some values. Bypassed this issue by "overvolting" bios setting with 0.1v to get proper VTTDDR during bootup. Auto setting is useless because my bios treats VTTDDR as (DramVoltage/2)-0.1v.

Level 13
I suspect the small swing in voltage (if there is any) is being shown as larger value by monitoring software. Usually the granularity is not fantastic on voltages reported back by Super IO chips.
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