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VGA problem after restarting pc

Level 7

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I bought a Asus rog strix b550-a. Everything was ok, but today after restarting the image didn't start showing and QLED start lighting (White one). 

I don't know what is that, I checked all pins on main board and graphic card. I plug off all devices, turn off power supply. But nothing changes. Monitor is on a "waiting mode".

I use amd ryzen 7 5800x and gigabyte rtx4060ti.




Hello Dimashahaida

The solid white light with no display is indicating an issue with your gpu, monitor or monitor cable. Something might need updated or could be instability too.

You could try clearing the cmos by shorting the two motherboard pins. Be sure your pc is turned off and the power cable is unplugged when doing this.

You could also try updating the bios with the bios flashback feature.

Clear cmos 2.png


I did it. And now the yellow-green led starts lighting with a white. But still no image. I think it starts a boot menu but I can't see it 


Ok, still no display?

Try updating the bios with the bios flashback feature, if you need help with this just say so.



Yes, still no display.

I updated bios by flashback feature, and nothing changes. the system began to behave as if it were in bios, when you press the power button, it turns off instantly, not as it would be with Windows


Thank you for confirming.

Try booting up, when it hangs on the white light, try disconnecting and reconnecting the monitor cable.

Does this get your monitor to turn on?

If not, try different monitor cables if you have them.


Level 9

I would also def try a different cable, I had the white vga light even though the system would post and function, drove me nuts but I was using an hdmi cable and didn't have a spare but I found a display port cable and used that and haven't had an issue since.