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Update concern - MB Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming - Chipset driver

Level 7


I have this motherboard with the following hardware:

- Ryzen 5900x

- 32gb 3600Mhz Ram Corsair Vengeance RGB XT (specific ram for AMD)

- RTX 3070 ti

- ASUS TPM-SPI discrete mounted on the motherboard

- Latest BIOS version

- OS: Win 11 Pro

I still have stuttering problem in some games, even with a discrete ASUS TPM-SPI.

I check weekly for updates on the main support page of this mb.

I have noticed that the latest Chipset Driver, on the Asus support page,  is:

- Version (Release Date 2022/09/30)
While on the AMD Driver support page I see that the latest one is:
- Version (Release Date 2024-03-13)
My question and doubt is that, can we install the latest one driver from the AMD website?
My point of view is that every mb has specific and unique features so Asus should give us the latest and updated version of this chipset for this mb.
It's too old this driver that is present on the Asus page.
There is a way to open a ticket or report this problem to the dev team?
We are talking about a mid/high end product which should receive more support and updates.
Hope someone of the Asus team can take care of my concern.
I am near to switch on Intel with MSI/ASRock mb.
Best Regards

Level 9

I never install driver packages from the asus site, I always get them directly from the amd site, same for audio and network drivers.