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unable to disable secure boot on ROG crosshair VIII hero (wifi)

Level 7
Hi, I'd like to install a bare bones hypervisor and in order to be able to have it boot from the usb stick, I need to disable the secure boot option in the bios, but the secure boot state is enabled by default and doesn't offer any option to disable it. So do I need to do this somewhere else in the bios ?

Level 12
It is easy when you know but not easy to understand in the BIOS. To disable secure boot you change from Windows UEFI to Other OS, and it will disable it. To enable, you change this setting back.

Mud MAP to location.
Boot -> Secure Boot -> OS Type
Change from
Windows UEFI Mode
Other OS

Hope you find this helpful.

thanks yea, that helped, but it's really not obvious, especially when secure boot still says enabled after selecting other OS !Â*;)

Level 12
hmm, puzzled face (did i get this wrong ?) it should work, can you check with HWinfo on the summary page bottom right. You are not using TPM device ?
To read - UEFI BOOT (in green) and Secure Boot (in grey) would be success.

EDIT: I just checked and works on my system. Did you remember to save and exit ?

or did I misread your post....eek.

Hi, as for the moment there's no OS installed yet, I guess I can't use the suggested tool. I did manage to launch the hypervisor installer from usb though, so I guest does do the job. I'll have to see how it goes.Â*